Imagine stepping out into your backyard as dusk settles over the Florida skyline, and the last rays of sunshine give way to a gentle twilight. It’s here, in your own slice of paradise, where the soft glow of expertly placed lighting can elevate your home into a haven of safety and warmth. Navigating outdoor lighting installation can be tricky, as it’s easy to fall into common pitfalls like over-illumination, poor fixture placement, and mismatched color temperatures. This guide is designed to help you sidestep common mistakes when installing outdoor lighting so that you can create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space.

1. Over or Under Doing It With Lighting Fixtures & Illumination.

When installing outdoor lighting, it’s easy to get overly excited and go overboard with the quantity of light fixtures. Getting too carried away can create a visually cluttered space that feels like a brightly lit stage show; while under-doing it can make the space dim and uninviting. To strike a perfect balance, look to highlight key characteristics of your home like distinctive brickwork, grand arches, and landscape focal points.

Another easy outdoor lighting installation mistake that falls into the over or under category is illumination. Using excessively bright, white lights, gives the space an unnatural, and overwhelming look that results in glare and energy waste. With under-illumination, insufficient lighting fails to highlight your home’s best features and can lead to safety hazards.

2. Poor Wiring & Electrical Connections.

Inadequate wiring and faulty electrical connections are easy to mishandle during outdoor lighting installation. If lights don’t shine at their full brightness, flicker intermittently, prematurely burn out or don’t turn on at all, this indicates poor wiring or electrical connection issues. Given the complexity of installing outdoor lighting wiring, it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals to guarantee a safe and reliable installation.

3. Using The Wrong Bulbs.

Using the wrong type of bulbs can lead to higher energy costs and sub-optimal aesthetic appeal. For example, using overly harsh bulbs in an area meant for ambient lighting can create discomfort, while using dim bulbs for security lighting, compromises effectiveness. Carefully choose bulbs that are well-suited for their intended purpose and location, so that your outdoor lighting installation achieves its desired functionality and visual impact.

4. An Over-Reliance on Solar Lighting.

When installing outdoor lighting, homeowners often gravitate towards solar lighting because it’s cost-effective and eco-friendly. However, it can be a costly mistake if you over-rely on it or are wanting to use it long-term. This is because, even though Florida’s sun beams down for much of the year, long periods of inclement weather or low light conditions will impact the consistency of your solar light’s illumination. It also doesn’t help that solar panels themselves have a finite lifespan and may require frequent replacement, leading to unexpected costs.

An alternative is to consider is LED lighting, as these can provide reliable, long-term illumination while offering significant cost savings and environmental benefits. LEDs are known for their reduced energy consumption, making them a sustainable choice when installing outdoor lighting.

5. Lighting Placement, Angles, and Neat Lines

To mitigate glare and the uncomfortable experience of direct light in your eyes, consider the placement and angle of your lights. Make sure to use glare shields on spotlights/floodlights to effectively corral the light, so that you don’t get harsh shadows or overly bright spots. Also, stay away from neat rows of lights along garden edges or pathways, as this approach can give off a monotonous visual effect. Instead, opt to stagger the lights creatively for a more dynamic and inviting look.

6. Not Installing Outdoor Lighting With a Plan In Mind.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is homeowners diving into outdoor lighting installation without a proper plan. This can make it easy to overlook your light function around entrances, pathways, patios, and other frequently used areas, resulting in haphazard placement, and inadequate coverage. A well-thought-out outdoor lighting design ensures that you integrate aesthetic appeal with practical lighting considerations.

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