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The holidays are coming, so it’s time to start thinking about your holiday lighting display. As you begin to plan, your outdoor lighting diagram may become a little complicated and time-consuming. Tree lighting, shrub lighting, and stringing bulbs along the roof line will take hours and days to complete. Not to mention that all that ladder climbing can be dangerous when you aren’t routine.

Why not let the experienced pros at Southern Outdoor Lighting do the work? Our expert team of installers can complete the job in a fraction of the time while you relax.

Our design team evaluates your property assets and creates a visual display plan that can be as traditional or mind-blowing as you like! Then our team works quickly and efficiently to safely hand professional grade lighting around your property, leaving the area clean and safe when we’re done. You flip on the switch to see your spectacular holiday lighting display.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

  • Unique & Exceptional Displays – Are you looking for a display to wow the neighborhood or stand out from the crowd but don’t want the backbreaking work of hanging them yourself? We’re on it!

Our team can create something never seen before in your neighborhood and customize it to your specific property. Professional lighting saves you time and sweat so you can concentrate on planning parties and family gatherings.

  • Professional Grade Lights & Installation – Have you ever taken an entire weekend to hang thousands of lights, only to have them not work? Instead of repeating Clark Griswold’s Christmas Vacation nightmare, why not hire us?

Our lighting displays are not only visual works of art that will delight your family and friends but also the highest quality of professional lighting using the latest LED technology. That means they draw up to 75% less wattage than other types of lights, including those older ones you have stored in the garage.

The expert installation also ensures no damage to your property and safety standards hang the lights.

  • Customization – Every property is different. Your home is unique, and your landscaping differs from your neighbor’s. To take full advantage of a holiday lighting display, it must be specifically designed for the elements on your property. That’s what we do!

Our design team evaluates your home and landscaping features before designing a holiday lighting presentation that utilizes the unique features of your property. This is how you maximize curb appeal and delight all who see your display.

Variety – Instead of hanging those same old lights the same way you do every year, you can hire our team to create a visual holiday display that is different this year and other every year!

Why not make a themed lighting display each year, or change the light colors year after year? The possibilities are endless, and our design team has boundless imagination.

  • Convenience – An expert outdoor lighting company with a seasoned crew can make quick work of any eye-popping display, even if it includes tree and shrub lighting.

Just think how many hours you’ll save not having to untangle light strands before putting them up and climbing a ladder in January to remove them. You’ll have more time to spend enjoying Christmas with your family.

  • Insured & Safe – Our team is professional, and we are insured. This gives you the peace of mind that it won’t be on you if anything goes wrong. That’s much better than having your neighbor help you or an accident on your property.

We follow all safety guidelines and work to protect you and your property as we complete the project.

Innovative – Our concept team works with you to offer exceptional holiday illumination designs. Anyone can come and hang strings of lights on your roof. But our mission is to make your home the most spectacular holiday display on the block!

Whether you prefer traditional white or a dazzling display of multicolor LEDs that twinkle and dance, we can deliver above and beyond what you expect.

Flexibility – If you’ve seen an incredible lighting display online or in a magazine and want us to recreate it, our pros can get the job done! We can propose to expand on the design or remove elements from it to make it your own.

Affordable Holiday Cheer – We strive to not only bring you outdoor holiday lighting displays that make your children wide-eyed with wonder, but we also bring you affordable plans.

We know the holidays are hard on everyone’s budget; we have families too! Our mission is to be the best as well as the best value. Our plans are all-inclusive and can include trees, shrubs, and lighting for any outdoor structure.

Experience – Around the holidays, you often see outdoor lighting flyers popping up around the neighborhood. Many people think they can make some quick cash. Other companies only do this type of work during the season and disappear in January.

But that’s not who we are. We’re dependable, ethical partners here year-round to assist you with all your outdoor illumination needs. We provide top-quality workmanship and customer service excellence. In short, we’re the consummate professionals you can trust.

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Nothing makes the holidays more magical than a beautiful outdoor lighting display! The team here at Southern Outdoor Lighting wants to help you make this the best holiday season ever by providing spectacular outdoor illumination designed for your home and garden.

Contact our customer service team today and schedule a property assessment and design quote. We promise the result will be more delightful than you ever imagined it could be. Because that’s what we do!

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