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Outdoor lighting can be transformational to a property’s aesthetics. Maybe you have a simple residential property that doesn’t stand out as much as you’d like. Landscape lighting can make all the difference, and it doesn’t require a gigantic budget to achieve it. Lighting design can also make a difference for your commercial property, giving it a uniquely attractive appearance to draw more customers in.

For the best outdoor lighting design, you need a professional lighting contractor with years of experience and hundreds of happy clients. You want a reliable, trustworthy team with design skills that make all the difference. You need Southern Outdoor Lighting.

Creative & Innovative Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Our design team arrives on your property to assess the area and existing landscaping. Then we present you with design options to fit whatever budget you have in mind. Once you select a design our installation team creates the beautiful lighting design unique to your property. You’ll enjoy it for years to come and it will increase the value of your property from day one.

We also offer HOA entrance lighting, deck lighting, and lighting for special events. We’re the creative, innovative outdoor lighting contractor you need for any type of residential or commercial property.

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A more beautiful property is within reach! Our helpful team is waiting to give you more information about our services or to schedule a property assessment. Contact us today and see why we’re the only landscape lighting experts you’ll ever need!

Our professional and reliable Orlando outdoor lighting service will increase the safety, value and beauty of your home or business and our industry-leading warranty on all systems guarantees it will stay that way. Give us a call today and let Southern Outdoor Lighting brighten your night!

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