At Southern Outdoor Lighting of Central Florida we hold the belief that an informed client is a wise client. With over 15 years of experience in designing and installing outdoor lighting in the surrounding Orlando areas, the Florida Keys & Miami, and Jacksonville Beach area. Our team prides itself on equipping our clients with all the necessary information to ensure they feel comfortable and confident with their lighting designs. We specialize in delivering exceptional lighting solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. While it is not necessary to be an expert in lighting terminology, having a basic understanding can greatly enhance your experienced and enable you to actively participate in the design process.

Landscape Lighting Terms That Are Helpful to Understand:

1. Fixtures:

Lighting fixtures are essential components of any landscape lighting system. They house the light sources and determine the direction and intensity of the light. Common types of fixtures include path lights, directional lights, up lights, down lights, well lights, core lights and flood lights, each serving a specific purpose in illuminating your outdoor space
Comprehensive Guide for Clients of Southern Outdoor Lighting

Core-drilled marker lights and up lights

Marker lights can be a great alternative to traditional path lights. They are designed to be a low-light option to define walkways and trip hazards. Core-drilled up lights are primarily used to illuminate areas that are bound by concrete or pavers such as stone pillars, columns, garage doors, etc

2. Lumens:

Lumens is the measure the brightness of a light source. Understanding lumens can help you gauge the intensity of light emitted by a fixture and choose the appropriate level of illumination for different areas of your property.

3. Kelvin:

Kelvin (K) is used to measure the color temperature of light emitted by a bulb or fixture. Lower Kelvin values (2000-3000K) produce warm, yellow light, white higher values (4000K and above) emit cooler, bluish light. Selecting the right Kelvin temperature can help set the desired mood in your outdoor space.

4. Beam Angle:

Beam angle refers to the spread of light emitted by a fixture. Narrow beam angles provide focused illumination ideal for highlighting specific features, while wider beam angles offer broader coverage for pathways and general area lighting.
Comprehensive Guide for Clients of Southern Outdoor Lighting

5. Transformer:

A transformer is a crucial component that converts high-voltage electricity from your home to low-voltage electricity suitable for outdoor lighting systems. It ensures the safe and efficient operation of your landscape lights while providing protection the from power fluctuations.
Comprehensive Guide for Clients of Southern Outdoor Lighting

6. Outdoor Lighting Timers:

Landscape lighting relies on a number of methods to automate low voltage transformers to turn on and off. Without this automation the system would have to be manually switched on every evening. In this blog, I’m going to focus on two methods of automation terms we use. Almost every system installed today comes with either a photocell or astronomical timer. Photocells use light to regulate the switch. Astronomical timers use a pre-programmed database of times for sunrise and sunset to tell your system when to turn on and off.
At Southern Outdoor Lighting, we are committed to providing tailored and innovative outdoor lighting designs that illuminate and enhance your outdoor space in the Central Florida area. Whether you are looking to add ambiance to your garden, increase security around your property, or highlight architectural features, our team is here to bring your vision to life with expertise and creativity. Are you ready to explore the possibilities of landscape lighting with Southern Outdoor Lighting? If you have not already scheduled your consultation with our team to discover how we can transform your outdoor environment into a captivating and inviting space, call 407-619-6468 today to schedule a consultation.
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