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How to Choose Pathway Lighting for Your Home Or Business

When choosing pathway lighting for your home, consider the type of landscape you’re trying to create. Choose fixtures that are subtle or accent the surrounding landscape. A well-placed light in a tree is a beautiful way to evoke moonlight. Make sure to measure the height of surrounding plants and trees, as well as the pathway itself, before deciding on lighting. Using low-wattage bulbs can help you create a subtle yet attractive look, while high-wattage bulbs can be harsh and obtrusive.

Choose pathways with light fixtures that are aimed at the floor or ground, rather than above the walkway. These fixtures are designed to shine down on walkways and driveways and serve as accent lighting, highlighting any architectural features. Make sure the fixtures are staggered by about 10 to 15 feet to create a balance and avoid the walkway looking like a runway. Pathway lights should also be set back from the walkway, allowing them to emphasize the neighboring plantings.

Pathway lighting can improve safety, too. It illuminates any areas where there may be hazards for cyclists and pedestrians. In particular, pathways along canals can be narrow, slippery, and dotted with unclear edges. Tree roots can pose serious hazards for older people or pedestrians. Pathway lighting helps users visualize the layout of a pathway and is especially useful for cyclists. The added safety benefit is an additional benefit. Moreover, pathway lighting is an aesthetic choice for your property. Contact Jaison at Southern Outdoor Lighting for your free consultation.

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