Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Southern Outdoor Lighting considers ongoing maintenance to be an essential part of every project, especially here in Orlando, Florida where fast growing plants and extreme weather challenge even the best installations. Lighting maintenance contracts are the most affordable and efficient way to protect your investment in landscape lighting services. All electrical systems require routine maintenance. Regular checks bring peace of mind to our clients with lighting and landscape maintenance contracts. They establish assurance that a trained technician will check every element of their system with sufficient frequency throughout the year to maintain optimal performance and make minor adjustments if necessary to prevent unexpected system failure. The size of your lighting system determines the frequency with which we visit your property. Smaller systems generally require one or two visits a year to check connections, wear and tear of fixtures and wiring, and foliage growth that can affect the position and operability of lights. If you need maintenance on your lighting, contact the Orlando outdoor lighting experts at Southern Outdoor Lighting. (407) 619-6468

Frequent checks of your system will often show the warning signs that precede common system failures. Foliage growth, adverse weather conditions, and normal activity throughout the property can cause fixtures to be thrown off their intended angle of the lighting and also cause minor damages that become critical when compounded by normal wear and tear. Lighting maintenance contracts ensure that each component of the system is operating safely with minimal likelihood of electrical failure or shock.

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