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LED lighting offered by Southern Outdoor Lighting is very energy efficient and consumes a maximum of 90% less electrical energy than other lighting systems available on the market. As our LED lighting uses only a fraction of the power when compared to other light systems, there is a dramatic shrink in power expenses. Moreover, energy and money is saved in upholding and replacement expenses because of the long lifetime of our LED lighting systems. Here are some more benefits of the LED light systems offered by Southern Outdoor Lighting.


As our LED lighting systems consume low power, they are becoming very popular for light resources in remote regions that exploit solar panels. Although our LED illumination systems have a higher initial price than other light systems, the price can be rapidly recouped in due course through lower electricity expenses.

Long life

The LED lighting systems offered by us have more lifespan when compared to that of the incandescent illumination systems. Our LED light will last for many years of constant use earlier than requiring replacement. On average, our LED lights last 10 times as long as other light bulbs and they are 133 times longer than usual light bulbs. The extended lifespan of our LED lighting systems will dramatically decrease maintenance expenses and lower continuing operating expenses when compared to other traditional bulbs.


LED lighting systems offered by Southern Outdoor Lighting are solid state lighting mechanisms that use semiconductor material, rather than the neon gas or a filament. Our LED light is a small chip that is encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosed space that makes our LED bulbs stronger than conventional light bulbs. As our LED lighting systems do not use fragile parts such as filaments and glass, they are capable of withstanding vibration, shock and extreme temperature.


The major benefit of using our LED light system is that they offer an enhanced safety. Our LED lights produce virtually no heat, so they are cool to touch and can be allowed to glow for hours without any consequence or incident if touched. Our LED lighting will produce less BTU per hour when compared to the higher production of BTUs by other light systems. In contrast, other light systems expel 90% of the power they consume through heat, making their bulbs very hot to the touch, but our LED light systems decrease the potential for safety hazards, such as fires and burns.


LED light systems offered by Southern Outdoor Lighting are made from non poisonous materials, unlike other light systems that use mercury that may pose a hazard to the environment. Furthermore, our LED lighting can be recycled and they are measured green or eco-friendly.


We offer LED lights in a range of base colors, like green, red, amber, blue, etc. As traditional light systems use filters to create colors, they are very inefficient. LED light systems offered by Southern Outdoor Lighting can be mixed together to create millions of color alternatives. Our LED light systems are poised to reinstate conventional incandescent light bulbs and they are rapidly turning out to be the favorite lighting solution of both residential users and professionals.

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