Boat Dock Lighting


Professional Boat Dock Lighting Installation

Whether your dock is a floating home or a stationary piece of furniture, you need to choose a light to illuminate your area. You can choose to install spotlights or post lights, depending on the specific situation. You can also use lamps to provide additional task lighting on tables. Another important area to consider when designing a boat dock lighting plan is the boat slip itself. If the boat slip is covered, fluorescent tube lights or spotlights will provide sufficient illumination. If the boat slip is uncovered, pole lights will do.

Aside from providing increased safety, boat dock lighting is also a beautiful and practical addition to your vessel. A well-lit dock can even help keep you from falling into the water! When parked next to other boats, boat dock lighting can enhance their appearance and help protect the vessels and people onboard. If installed correctly, dock lights can also be a wonderful feature when entertaining guests after the sun goes down. Just be sure to follow these tips for choosing the best lights for your dock.

A good dock light should withstand all weather conditions. If it is not waterproof, it won’t work when you need it most. This is a safety issue, because if a boat hits the dock, it can damage the lights. You also need to consider debris flying through the air and hitting the dock lights. Look for a solid aluminum solar light that can take a beating and keep working for many years. A good dock light will give you peace of mind knowing that it won’t let you down.

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