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Top four reasons for Adding Landscape Lighting to your Horizon West Landscape

1) Landscape Lighting for Security
Burglars typically decide which homes to rob from their vantage point in the street. They look for easily accessible homes they feel they can enter and exit under a veil of darkness, without being observed by a passerby. If your Horizon west Home is well lit, criminals are more likely to pass it by, since an attempted break-in on your property would require them to step into the light, leaving them vulnerable, exposed and more likely to be caught.

2) Landscape Lighting for Safety
Walking around in the dark outside your Horizon West home can be hazardous. It is easy to trip or fall when you can’t see your own feet especially after a spring or summer storm. In this way, landscape lighting improves safety for you, your family and friends walking around ourside at night. Landscape lighting can even enhance your pet’s evening trips outdoors allowing you a full view of the spaces your pet frequesnts in time to avert a potential mishap with a wild animal, or debris that could pose a threat.

3) Landscape Lighting for Increased Property Value of your Horizon West Home
Curb appeal! Did you know that homes with outdoor lighting generally sell for more than those that do not? Savvy home buyers recognize the many benefits of outdoor lights when comparing different homes. This allows you to set a higher price if your home boasts this feature. Remember, landscape lights installed by a Southern Outdoor Lighting professional ensure proper installation and placement delivering the best aesthetics. This is just one of the reasons why investing in a professionally installed system is well worth the investment.

4) And of Course, Landscape Lighting for Beauty
Southern Outdoor Lightings recipe of superb placement, quality fixtures and soft washes of light enhance the curb appeal of your landscape and home and makes it stand out among the darkened homes on your street.

Outdoor lighting gives you a chance to show off your carefully designed paths, gardens and natural areas, colorful plantings and area of interest with in the landscape, even when it’s pitch black outside.

If you are looking for an outdoor lighting application that will give you the most enjoyment and benefit from your investment, consider landscape lighting. Contact Southern Outdoor Lighting of Horizon West and the West Orange Communities to discover the best kept secret to achieving the ultimate benefit from your evening landscape.

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