Should I Retrofit our Low-voltage Landscape Lights with LED’s

What does it mean to Retrofit an Outdoor Landscape Lighting System? A simple definition of retrofit, or relighting, is the process of upgrading your existing fixtures with a new light source while maintaining the integrity of the fixture itself. In other words, it’s... read more
Understanding Home Automation

Understanding Home Automation

  Home Automation has quickly become the next big thing in Technology. Fortunately, learning how to control your home system has never been easier. Home automation puts control of basic home systems and appliances into the hands of the homeowner and provides... read more

Understanding Landscape Lighting Terms

A guide to understanding the most common terms used to achieve the different effects used in outdoor lighting designs. The architecture, trees and plants around your home or business take command of the landscape during the day. Once night falls, they disappear into... read more
October is National Outdoor Lighting Month

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month

Day Light Savings Time will end this year on November 6th, our skies will get darker earlier and so will your yard. National Outdoor Lighting Month was created to educate homeowners about the difference professionally installed outdoor lighting can make to a home.... read more




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